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Finished bead wolf's by hiddenshadow64 Finished bead wolf's :iconhiddenshadow64:hiddenshadow64 1 0 Halloween 2017 by UnidColor Halloween 2017 :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 11,747 383 There Be Noms Falling by ShintoIceCream There Be Noms Falling :iconshintoicecream:ShintoIceCream 172 26 [C] Bone dormitory by MalthusWolf [C] Bone dormitory :iconmalthuswolf:MalthusWolf 132 11 Something Beautiful by ryky Something Beautiful :iconryky:ryky 9,783 296 + Lena + by MroczniaK + Lena + :iconmroczniak:MroczniaK 252 7 Loch nan Leachd by SebastianKraus Loch nan Leachd :iconsebastiankraus:SebastianKraus 181 6 Waiting for the Tide to Come In by ghostchiryou Waiting for the Tide to Come In :iconghostchiryou:ghostchiryou 490 53 The rehearsal by AquaSixio The rehearsal :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 5,646 176 Alien Landscape 02 by AlynSpiller Alien Landscape 02 :iconalynspiller:AlynSpiller 481 10 Soul of Light - Something Blue by ryky Soul of Light - Something Blue :iconryky:ryky 4,121 107 Viking Ship by Nele-Diel Viking Ship :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 326 23 Bewitching Cat with Hat by Lighane Bewitching Cat with Hat :iconlighane:Lighane 536 63 Friends by ryky Friends :iconryky:ryky 2,294 29 Stabbing house by alexiuss Stabbing house :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,405 69 Crystal dragon by AlviaAlcedo Crystal dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,689 79


"You can't afford to be this naive..."

In a perfect world, love is all you need.

However, this is not a perfect world.

Without the hate, the rage that came from Vader's words, Luke might very well have lost...leaving the Emperor in control, with Darth.  Basically, he would fail.  Possibly, at least.

Luke's hatred (starting at 2:38) made him powerful, just as the Emperor said it would.

I'm not advocating anger, or rage, or hatred.

But one that is truly brave accepts their anger, and feeds off of it, if necessary.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - Interesting scene from a movie that perhaps I underrated.  The "duality of man".

FAIR USE: CRITICISM -  Interesting tidbit.
"I will Feel...I will FEEL..."
"It's impressive to see a man feeding off his emotions."
"You never want to lie to your audience... you can trick them, you can disturb them, you can annoy them, but you can never lie to them. To me commercials are nothing but lies."

There'll certainly be some nose-touching and cocktail-party psychology in the streets of Kensington tonight!
Loyalty: The Wonderful Purity Of (some) Emotion(s).

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - Very moving scene from a not-nearly-as-good movie.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - Great instrumental piece from an underrated and horribly obscure movie.
"Abashed the Devil stood,
And felt how awful goodness is, and saw
Virtue in her shape how lovely.
—saw, and pined his loss."

Special thanks to 'The Crow'.
Let's all join together and save this song for future generations.

Ok, that's an overstatement...let's all join together and save this song for people that like it now.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - Not a big fan of whatever the heck is going on here visually, but the song's pretty darn good.  Can I get a witness?
There's a fine line between empathy (in all its forms) and paranoia.  Nature of the thing being "detected", I suppose...subtle, not "quite" right, too loud, too soft, too much, too little...

Exhibit A:  Which one is it?  Not really sure...have to get back to you on that.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - Good clip from an ok movie.

"They were both masters..."

Fair Use: Criticism - Conflicts are more interesting when they're between relative equals.
Great scene.
Separating the artist from the art.

Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not.

But I'll say this every time: shoulda been a hit.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM - A decent job of merging the song with the video, but it's the song that's the prize.  Good stuff...I have no idea why this wasn't/isn't a hit.
Looking for a critical partner to discuss the film 'The Shining'.  The resulting piece of work would be posted here with appropriate links to it.

If you haven't seen 'Room 237', this is my attempt at a mini version of that, WITHOUT the pretension of "This is Fact".

I have some interesting ideas and would like to bounce them off someone and vice versa.  So, needless to say, you'd have to be familiar with the film.  Your opinion on how good the movie is overall doesn't matter, it's your observations, feelings, musings, etc that I'm looking for.

Any interest, please send me a mail message.  Thanks for your time in any case,
"Not all martyrs see divinity, but at least you tried."
"This is...wrong.  I'm supposed, to have something...more cinematic..."

"Beautiful Death" by Era Nocturna.

Shoulda been a hit.  Just goes to show you: Sometimes you can create something that people don't like and/or ignore for the most part, and it's not your fault for not being good enough, it's their (and subsequently, when it fades from even obscurity, the world's) fault for having sh1tty taste.
Channel: IFC
Time: 40 minutes!
Great movie: 'Seven'.
Side attraction: Think of someone you really really hate, and imagine them as "SLOTH" to vent harmlessly.
FAIR USE: CRITICISM - A scared, naive man and what he can do.  Great movie.

Less than two weeks's the info you need:

Some key points:

1st/2nd/3rd Prizes - 6000/2500/1000 Points.

1st Place also gets Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

All winners receive a journal feature and llama from Emerald-Depths

1st Place will also almost certainly receive both a journal entry and a website (my website) entry by me.

FULL DETAILS in the journal entry "A Little Contest"


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